Chemistry is an elementary nature science, a strong weapon for human being to get to know the world and change it. Currently chemical science has infiltrated in each technical field of national economy. It plays a big role in providing people with ample and delicious food, abundant energies, a great […]

WARO GMBH-Fairy in everywhere—Chemistry

Since the 20th century, human health had been greatly enhanced as inventions like antibiotics, X-ray and ultrasonic examination were introduced. At the brink of the 21th century, experts made the prediction that nanotechnology is going to vastly change people’s lives. Nano-materials are consist of nano-particles and nano-solids. When particles get to nano-meter level, they can […]

Nanotechnology and human health

Nano-meter is one billionth of a meter in length. Nanotechnology is the first scientific technology that human being use single atom and molecule to do free permutation and combination. Development in 20th century changed the way people live, information technology has great influence on human life, and nano-technology will exert […]

WARO GMBH Nano-Technology and human life

Chemical scrubber principle is based on the use of strong acid odor components(sulfuric acid), alkali( sodium hydroxide), strong oxidizer(sodium hypochlorite) to act as spray washing solution to have gas-liquid contact with odor molecules of gas in order to transfer odorous components in gas phase to liquid phase, and remove odorous […]

The chemical wash deodorant technology

Dirt and fiber molecules are combined together by Vander Waals forces. So far there are three ways of tidying: mechanical, chemical and biological. Mechanical way is the vast majority: washing by brushes, hand scrubbing and washing machine, which is a way of removing the dirt by physical function. Since the surface […]

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